Unicorn tears πŸ¦„

Ah so another year of my favourite holiday has been and gone. 

Is it even a holiday? Ether way it’s the best.

As some of you may know from previous Halloween years (Fright night πŸ‘») I very much enjoy going full on art attack and making my costume from scratch.

This year was no different – more extreme probably.

I had decided I wanted to be a unicorn pretty early on this year when my little obsession began πŸ¦„

So for my costume I used,

  1. A white bodysuit from primark that I had
  2. White tights also from primark 
  3. Pink fluffy heels, primark 
  4. White angel wings, Claire’s acesseories 
  5. Two wigs from eBay, one I had from a previous year 
  6. A hairband I had & polymer clay I bought from a craft shop to make my horn
  7. Lots of glitter eyehsadows and pigments & stick on gems.

It sounds like a lot but all in all i think I spent about Β£25 and the shoes I will wear again.

I was so delighted with how everything turned out as it’s usually in my nature to have a nightmare πŸ™„

I’ll be getting the thinking cap on for next years already..

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 

AG xxo

Fright night πŸ‘»

Halloween is 100% my favourite holiday; I love getting creative and putting my all into planning & making a costume.

This year I decided to do a zombie/dead bride.

Now it wouldn’t be me if there wasn’t a drama or 5….

So I had ordered a dress off eBay & it didn’t come πŸ™ˆ

…. Well until Halloween morning anyway. πŸ˜’

By this stage I had already visited a vintage shop in Belfast and picked up theeee perfect dress for my costume.

I was going to cut it up and zombify the dress myself but this wee gem came exactly perfect and how I wanted it.

I got the veil off eBay for like Β£3. It was a little too long so I had to trim it a tad.

 I knew I wanted to make my face as gory as possible; so using liquid latex, tissue paper and lots of blacks and purple eyeshadow I created the wounds.




….. And a tube of fake blood.

This look was super fun to do & really quite easy! 


What did you gals dress up as? Do you like making your own costume?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love IMG_0846-5

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