Millennial mindset 💸

After I posted my No spend Feb video back in Feb (funny enough 🙃) I had a lot of positive feedback and people telling me how I gave them inspo to try and save a few pennies.

The outcome from my quiet month was great and I really noticed the difference but here we are nearly 5 months later and I’m back to my old ways.

Why is it in this day and age money just doesn’t seem as precious and valuable as it once did?

I obviously mean this not as literal as the words may read but we definitely have more of a “treat yourself” mentality which just seems to be okay? Me myself, am super guilty of it – I wake up one day and go “right you need to save this this and this next month so stop” or I could wake up the next and go “I’ll be fine though, I always am”

Is there one attitude that’s better to have or should we be living in the now?

When I think what my mum had when she was my age I freak myself out – a baby a job and a mortgage. I’m just here cuddling up to my unicorn teddy every night hoping to wake up looking like someone from Love island 🤷🏻‍♀️

Savings and me basically don’t exist and I don’t really get wether I should be panicking or should I be realising my wage just about sees me through one month to the next and it’s virtually impossible to put anything away.

I do pay into a pension though so I’m basically safe right? 🙈

The real question from this post is; is the mindset of us millennials the way it should be? Or should we be saving that extra £3.40 from the Instagrammable flat white we’ve just bought for the future.

Are you guilty of having the “millennial mindset” or are you savvy?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo


Summer fun with the gals! What you can do…

It is time for summer to really show itself, for the weather to get better and for us to enjoy our weekends and days in the sun within our best girls. Sounds great doesn’t it? But without a plan or some form of direction, you could end up wasting valuable time and not really making the most of the summer season. I wanted to put that right and share with you some of the best suggestions to consider with your girls. Whether it is a one day thing or a trip away, I hope it gives you the inspiration you need to make the most of the summer and to have some fun.

Go camping

Camping isn’t for everyone, but actually, with a lot of planning and careful consideration of the camping site you choose to pitch at, it can actually be one of the most relaxing trips you take. There is no bother about dressing up or putting on a lot of makeup, it is just about setting up camp and enjoying the great outdoors. Choosing a location with an electric hook up means you don’t lose some of the luxuries like cooking equipment or a cup of tea in the morning. Online websites like 4WD Supacentre have a great selection of camping gear. Even ensuring that you have a village close by or a decent pub can give you just the night out you were hoping for. It is definitely worth considering.

Enjoy a holiday away

If you want the beach and the sea then why not plan a girls trip away. There are so many great deals online that you are bound to find something suitable and within budget. Time away gives you a chance to really relax and take stock of your family routine, while enjoying some quality time with your best girl gang. You could even have a staycation and take advantage of boutique accommodation on websites like AirBnB.

Picnic dates

If you like the idea of lazy afternoons then why not make a regular picnic date. Different parks or locations could make it different, or you could choose the same one for ease. Each of you could be responsible for different elements of the picnic and add a cheeky bottle of wine to the mix and you have a relaxing afternoon in the sun. Picnics are one of the easiest and possibly cheapest ways you can enjoy time with your friends. A chance to talk and catch up with little distraction.

Head to a festival

Finally, why not consider going to a festival this summer. There are always some great ones to choose from and the atmosphere is something you will never forget. You could even combine the festival with a camping trip to make it that little bit more unique and to really enjoy the whole experience. It is definitely something to consider and live music is always a great experience to have.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration for some of the ways you can spend the upcoming summer.

What will you and your gals do?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo