Gals Vegas visits šŸ—½šŸ¤‘

Firstly, i write this with a heavy heart of holiday blues, this is reliving the whole thing for me.

Secondly, I didn’t do a fraction of what I wanted too/there is to do – you literally could never see it all on one go!

Nevertheless, on what we did do I wanted to share with you the things I say are a MUST.

( in no particular order)

1. TAO

Oh my days you HAVE to eat in tao! Hands down one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life – no joke! If you like Chinese Asian style food this is the place for you. It is beautiful, the menu is to die for and the staff were amazing! It has a ultra cool vibe to it also which you feel from the get go. Tao also have a nightclub and beach club to it which we also done! I loved all of it but I would hands down say eat here if anything!

2. Thunder down under

Okay soooooo this was on at our hotel so it was a given we were going to try it but hell I’m glad we did šŸ¤¤ we were on a girls holiday and this literally goes hand in hand of what it’s all about! Australian hunks on the table practically starkers before your very eyes is something you need to see – trust me. Vegas also have a magic mike and other male themed shows so you won’t struggle to find one šŸ˜

3. Omnia

I have been to my fair share of nightclubs – including majority of ibiza but this place is on another level! It is humongous; so much so we didn’t even see it all! We went to see Calvin Harris which I would also recommend but if you have the chance to go just to see the club – do!

4. Drais

Still on the nightclub front but this is very different from omnia. Drais is a total straight up hip hop rnb vibe ( where boujee gal was born) šŸ˜ if this is your vibe normally you have to go! We seen snoop dogg here which was such a once in a lifetime opportunity! They have some of the best hip hop stars performing in the club every week and also have a “night swim”‘which is basically a night time pool party! I will miss here the most šŸ’”

5. Pool party

A pool party is a must. I’m generalising it because I’ve heard they all are unreal! We done the pool at flamingo hotel, Tao and encore beach club. Encore was the biggest and most extra. We seen the chainsmokers here – it was surreal!! I doubt you would be able to escape a pool party if you were to visit Vegas so you may aswell embrace it šŸ˜

6. Las Vegas outlet

There is an indoor and outdoor outlet shopping centre. We went to the outdoor one! It was great! If you were after bags or shoes you could go to town here! Most stores we went too didn’t add any tax on and the discount on things was insane! I had next to no room in my suitcase or I would have bought more šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø I did get some Calvin Klein underwear – 3 bra and pant sets for $28 and a beaut handbag for $42!

As I say this is just a slight look of what you can do in Las Vegas. You will never ever get bored. One more thing I would say is try and walk through as many of the hotels as possible, they all have a different theme and style to them and are uniquely beautiful.

Anyone been to Vegas before? I would love to hear what everyone else loved for my next trip to adult Disneyland…. šŸ˜

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo


Biking And Hiking… Mixing Up Your Road Runner Workout

Running is one of the best exercises out there, but it can impact our joints severely from time to time. If we are training as much as possible for a marathon, we can feel this in the aches and pains we experience more as we get older. But, this is why it’s important for our bodies, and our minds, to mix up our workouts from time to time. Not only is it beneficial to your body to keep it guessing, it’s a great way to stop you making excuses not to work out! If we do the same old exercise route, we can get bored. So, let’s mix up your outside workout.

Getting On The Bike

Much less of an impact on our joints and muscles is getting on a bicycle, and hitting the road is a very common pursuit for people. Not only is it an all-body workout, it’s a fantastic cardio workout that is as beneficial as running. But you’ve got to be careful, depending on where you are, you may be constantly battling with traffic. And this is why you have to ensure that safety is paramount when you are hitting the road. If you’re cycling at night, make sure you are wearing the appropriate safety gear, because if you end up in any sort of accident, you’d rather not end up calling a bicycle accident lawyer. And if it’s popular amongst your friends, it’s always handy to have some legal help on standby, such as the George Salinas Law FirmĀ to give you some advice should something ever happen. But, for all of the dangers out on the road, you can always bank on a good workout when you’re on the bike.


As far as a cardio workout is concerned, you may not consider hiking to be that strenuous, but this means you’ve got to choose a challenging terrain. Going up and down mountains is a very challenging pursuit. But if it’s something that hurts you, then hiking up and down difficult terrain gets your body used to different types of surfaces. This can serve you in good stead if you are planning on running a marathon because your body has to adapt to the various terrain. Because it is such a low impact exercise, you are letting your body adapt easily to the environment. And this is something that we don’t always consider when it comes to running, because it’s such a high impact sport, that we need to give our bodies that time to rest and recuperate, but we can’t be sedentary and inactive either. This is where hiking strikes the right balance. Going up mountains means that we have to adapt to the decrease in oxygen, but the terrain provides enough of a challenge.

Of course, running isn’t just about the muscles, it’s about our breathing and improving our VO2 max, and this is where hiking and cycling come into their own. Remember, we need to mix up our road workout from time to time, and so, by either getting on the bike, or heading up a mountain, we can give our bodies the challenge it needs, but also the opportunity to rest those weary joints.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo