Unicorn tears πŸ¦„

Ah so another year of my favourite holiday has been and gone. 

Is it even a holiday? Ether way it’s the best.

As some of you may know from previous Halloween years (Fright night πŸ‘») I very much enjoy going full on art attack and making my costume from scratch.

This year was no different – more extreme probably.

I had decided I wanted to be a unicorn pretty early on this year when my little obsession began πŸ¦„

So for my costume I used,

  1. A white bodysuit from primark that I had
  2. White tights also from primark 
  3. Pink fluffy heels, primark 
  4. White angel wings, Claire’s acesseories 
  5. Two wigs from eBay, one I had from a previous year 
  6. A hairband I had & polymer clay I bought from a craft shop to make my horn
  7. Lots of glitter eyehsadows and pigments & stick on gems.

It sounds like a lot but all in all i think I spent about Β£25 and the shoes I will wear again.

I was so delighted with how everything turned out as it’s usually in my nature to have a nightmare πŸ™„

I’ll be getting the thinking cap on for next years already..

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 

AG xxo

gals gallery

i recently got my bedroom walls painted, so as I had to clear my room & the picture frames from my walls I decided I needed a little change.

me & my friends take that many pictures you could update the pictures every weekend…

but nobody got time for that.

so I knew I wanted photos of my friends and family somewhere but I also fancied a little something different; and as I have two white bare walls I could do both.

I dunno about you gals but I am forever stalking over everyone’s life, clothes, homes on pinterest and instagram.

THE BEST apps for realising how boring and dull your life is.

…..but also full of fab ideas; this is where I found lots of wall art and “picture walls” ideas and knew that’s what I wanted to do.

if you haven’t seen any its basically just a wall of random photos, objects anything basically you want.

after trailing round a million shops I picked up lots of little random frames and pictures for my wall.

for the little empty photo frames I thought I would see what leftover wallpaper was left buried in my house. I came across my current kitchen wallpaper & an old bedroom one.


I put the coloured striped one into the teal frame, the American print into the gold frame and I took the little background that came in the gold frame and popped it into the owl frame.


The two boards for my pictures are just cork boards from IKEA and the cute little bunting and heart shaped pegs are off a homemade seller on eBay ☺️

All the ugly mugs in the pictures belong to me so you will need to get your own for that bit 😝




What do you think? 

I am very aware I may have a strange obsession with letters by the way…

If you’re looking to do something different it’s a great little DIY project.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


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