Blushing in bellamianta 💁🏻

I have probably said 100 times over, I’m the worst for tanning myself  – in the sense of im too lazy to do it, I forget, I dunno what tan to trust?!
It’s a constant battle with oneself to be honest. 

So I do always like the odd spray tan, mainly because I can just stand there and be like make me glow!

Bellamianta has launched onto the scene and soared its way to being irelands number one tan! All my fellow bloggers that I love and follow have been using it since the beginning;  I am way behind on this one but I did say I was shit with tan so forgive me!!!

So when the lovely team at Bellamianta invited me down to Debenhams at castle court belfast to try out their new spray tanning home I was all over this!

Joan was an absolute tanning profesh – she asked about my previous experience with spray tanning, which colour I would like to be, and talked me through the experience from start to finish which would make anyone feel at ease; especially a first timer!

The main things I loved about the spraying was there was zero tanning smell and I was dry straight away!

That 15 min bouncing about in the nip awkward stage after a spray tan is never fun so this part is totally scrapped!

I had my tan sprayed 5 days ago now and with numerous showers and gym trips it is still in tact with no sign of the scaley wear off, delighted!

So gals for your next night out – (or if you’re like me and don’t have any plans ever but still )treat yourself to a Bellamianta spray tan 🙋🏻

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Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo


dermaglo facial at Zest beauty clinic 💆🏻

so on Friday I was invited down to the lovely Zest beauty clinic in Belfast for a dermaglo facial with Lisa

A dermaglo facial is a treatment which combines two of the most intensive exfoliation methods, microdermabrasion and chemical exfoliation to help with many skin conditions such as;

  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • pigmentation and sun damage
  • enlarged pores
  • blocked pores
  • dull dry skin 

I was excited to try this facial but I have to say a little apprehensive as it includes a peel and I had never had this before. Lisa reassured me and talked me through each step as we proceeded with the facial.

I was given 5 mins in the peaceful warming room to get myself relaxed and ready. Lisa rejoined me and we began the procedure with a double cleanse. a pre cleanse with special cleansing gel and we talked about any of my problem areas. Mine is probably the same as many girls – chin and nose areas.

After this we started the microdermobrasion. This procedure is a stream of non-allergenic crystals to remove your skins outermost layers of dead cells. Lisa worked this all over my face then went back and concentrated on my problem areas we spoke of before.

She then used a scrub to remove and brighten up the skin and started the prep before the peel to neutralize the skin. The enzyme peel was applied and was left on for around 4 mins. The skin starts to feel warm and tingly here. It’s a good tingly feeling like you know its working, kind of like the pain you experience from being in the gym? yeah?

After the peel we neutralised and double cleansed again. A calming/hydrating mask was applied and finished with a repairing gel. After the facial i could see slight red marks on my face from the areas we concentrated more on but my skin automatically had such a nice glow about it – the following day even more so i was super impressed!

I would definitely recommend the dermaglo facial especially for people who maybe do have hold ups with their skin, there are lots of different levels of this procedure and courses that zest beauty clinic offer. The facial costs £60 with discounts if you do take the course of facials. Check the fab girls out over on their website or Facebook and don’t forget to look at all the other services and products they supply!

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 Does this sound like something you would like to try?

speak soon,

lotsa love

AG xxo