Up to the knees 

okay promise this is my last instalment from my holipops…

Good job I wasn’t away for two weeks eh?? 🙊

I was so pleased I was able to pick up knee high gladiator sandals from New look before I went, I practically wore them every night!!

Which is good for me because I usually pack 67 pairs of shoes as my friends will tell you – getting better; swear.

Loved this little aline skirt I got from primark a few months ago. I had been looking one that shape that suited me. Tshirt is from boohoo belt from eBay & necklace from primark.



Another bargain alert, I literally live in primark and I ain’t even scared to admit it!! Boohoo sheek dress only £13 😵 & coloured necklace I got for park life fest a while ago also from primark £6 i think.

One of my girlfriends picked me up this little playsuit for my birthday. I flew home in it today – soooo cosy & cute! It’s from missguided black lace bandeau top under it is from urban outfitters belt & hat from primark and gold sliders from TKMAXX.

I hope you liked my favourite looks from my holiday. What do you think is the essential holiday picks this year?

Speak soon, lotsa love 


7 little things

afternoon gals! so for anyone who has been following my blog recently they will know I have put myself on a clothes ban for the duration of lent. yesterday marked another successful week… 4 done, 2 to goooo!

if anyone isn’t proud of me I don’t really care because I think I am doing fab hehe. it has been a tad easier than what I thought tbh! don’t get me wrong I’ve seen 500 million things I could add to my wardrobe but finding new ways to wear things I’ve had for ages has been good fun.

so I thought I would decide to give some of my tips on recycling and keeping your wardrobe fresh! hopefully some make a difference to your outfit planning tomorrow, enjoy gals! lotsa love, AG Xxo

  1. if you are having a clear out have a clear out – we all like to hold dear to things that we used to wear every day in life but lets be honest that tops been hanging in your wardrobe since tammy girl exisited… throw that shit out!!!!
  2. skirts and shorts don’t always have to be for going out somewhere fancy, wear them during the day. layer with tights, boots, baggy jumpers, shirts – anything to make it more casual for day to day wear, why not look through your summer clothes, pop a jumper under a jumpsuit etc…. you paid for it get your wear!
  3. every girl loves a good pair of jeans, when you have a good pair you really do wanna hold on to them for life, customize some seriously old jeans with a DIY ripped knee or even cut into shorts for the summer if you’re feeling adventurous!
  4. nothing hurts more than something not fitting right that you know you could just love;  why not take a pair of jeans in a few inches at the waist if too big? take a few inches off a dress that you maybe find too long…get the sewing kit out! (thankfully I have my mamma to sew and fix bits of clothes for me)  or if not take it to a local seamstress. if somethings a lil tight that you just adore, make it a goal to get back into it, nothing feels better than fitting into something that used to be too small, am I right?
  5. try and keep your wardrobe in sections – cami tops together, shirts, jumpers, dresses and so on. I know I find it handier when you know you want a particular thing you at least know what section to go for….the rest is always still a scene.
  6. we all have a few things in our wardrobes that we really love so don’t be scared to wear them again, I know I have a fav coat I love to wear… like every weekend lol. just mix it up, try wearing the piece with something different than last time, make it dressy, make it casual. even try different jewellery with it… clothes can look totally different with a change of styling.
  7. I don’t know about everyone else but im desperate for buying things and hanging them up and two months later they are still hanging in the wardrobe – it aint looking good!! why not sell on ebay or depop?? I have sold and purchased lots of things online, someone else may love the item and why not get money back for it….or buy something new with the money!



i found this interesting, have a look see what shape you really are and use it for a guide the next time you shop!

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