TSC; third time lucky. 💪🏼

For me this ‘third time lucky’ rule really applied to me yesterday.  Almost a year after I last competed in the srongfirst TSC i found myself face to face with the three strength challenges ahead of me. Deadlift  Flexed arm hang 5 minute kettlebell snatch test After the last competition I didn’t do as wellContinue reading “TSC; third time lucky. 💪🏼”

Deadlift dramas 

You may have remembered I took part in the tactical strength challenge in April… https://galsgoss.com/2015/04/12/a-day-at-the-bar/ Halloween marked the 6month renewal. Funny really cos it’s the fucking scariest thing in life and I love Halloween. Get the irony? Yeah I do now. If you haven’t read the previous post the day consists of 3 key strengthContinue reading “Deadlift dramas “