Gorgeous George at FASHIONWEEK

 From the title, I’m sure the first person you maybe wouldn’t assume I mean is George from ASDA?! if you still don’t know what I mean, you probably shouldn’t be reading a fashion blog… For me, George is the winner of supermarket fashion! Having a trip round the supermarket and picking up a fashionable find,Continue reading “Gorgeous George at FASHIONWEEK”

Got it from my mamma 💁🏻

We all have the girls to swap and share clothes with, for me it’s my mums wardrobe I sneak a peak in too here and then 👀 My mum has passed a lot on to me, most people will say predominately  looks as we are “the double of each other” but the most cherished skillContinue reading “Got it from my mamma 💁🏻”