Sorted for spring

As my blog approaches three this week, I placed another Westcoast cooler FASHIONWEEK press launch under my belt.

As director Cathy Martin gets ready for her 25th season us fashion obsessed followers looked on in awe to see what we would be straight out buying for the upcoming spring.

I’m delighted to have already picked up some of the trends we are about to see everywhere. Everything just screams vibrant fresh and fun!

Here is what you should be adding to your basket..

Pinks reds and lilacs

Stripes and polka dots

Gorgeous greens

These are just some of the trends we will be looking out for this year.

What one are you looking into the most?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

Hold up 🍋



I think we all know by now I am not one to dress discreetly or quietly….

I wouldn’t quite say I do it on purpose, I describe myself as more of a magpie.

Anything bright and bold ill have it in every colour…thanks.

The yellow thing? Its just me.

A lot of people are scared of colour which is totally understandable – a lot of people will feel something as vibrant as this skirt is a “one off” sort of outfit.

I’ve styled it in a day to night way so people can see the versatility with such key pieces.



I styled the skirt with this super cute basic striped tee – again maybe a bit much for some people, if so a plain black or white top will be just as effective!

Skirt – Nasty gal

Jacket belt and boots – Topshop (jacket is old and belt was sale)

Tee – New In store but doesn’t seem to be online

All I done with this look to switch it up for nighttime was pop the belt off, add these primark heels (which I got for £3 may I add?!) like I wasn’t looking for black heels, but when do you not need them? 🤷🏻‍♀️

I also done the blogger thing of putting my leather jacket over my shoulders rather than round them….

Night time 


What do you think of this look?

If nothing else, I felt like Beyoncé fresh outa that lemonade vibe…. just saying.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo