Wednesday wishlist -#2 💸😇

so, a couple of weeks a go I done a blog post on midweek must haves and how I dislike Wednesday’s and so on and so forth… This hasn’t changed. So I thought to cheer myself up.. And of course bring some niceness to your eyeballs also…. Always thinking of others me.🙊 I would startContinue reading “Wednesday wishlist -#2 💸😇”

Kiss the boys and make them cry 

Where has this weekend went?? Sunday has been stole from me as I slept most of it tbf Damn the alcohol damn it all!!!! 😷 Last night I finally got to wear some of primark bits I blogged about last week yay I loved my slogan tee because the print couldn’t be far from theContinue reading “Kiss the boys and make them cry “