Humpday heels – #5

First blog post as a big one year old woohoo 🙊😝 

This weeks humpdayheels I have chosen 5 of the freshest kicks about right now. Dunno about you gals but I think a nice trainer can look seriously sheek and elegant with the right outfit.

I absolutely love just sticking my converse on with anything I can get away with really! 

What do you gals think? Trainers strictly for the gym, or a real fashion statement? 

Check out these 5 and let me know what you think!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 



ASOS £25

ASOS £90
ASOS £60
ASOS £72
ASOS £55

humpday heels – #2

still January?

yep. yep im afraid it is.

anyone else just had about enough of this long dull month?

even though spring & summer couldn’t feel further away I am already reading up on the up and coming trends for the year.

one of the big footwear notions this year is silver.

as I am always looking out for you gals I want you to be in the know with these things; so for the 2nd humpday heels of 2016 I have picked my top 5 silver looks.

could you get on board with this look for SS16?

speak soon,

lotsa love



NewLook - £14.99
NewLook – £14.99


NewLook - £10
NewLook – £10


Missguided - £25
Missguided – £25


Pretty Little Thing - £15
Pretty Little Thing – £15


ASOS - £70
ASOS – £70

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