A day in the life of πŸ“

Lying in bed letting the Sunday fear sink right in there and I just thought to myself how many thoughts go through my head everyday 

Another thought…

But seriously is it just me that goes from thinking what time is it? To wonder will I ever get married in two mins. 

I wouldn’t say I’m one of them “overthinkers” in life but on a day to day basis some mad shit goes on in my head…

 what will I wear today? What’s the latest I can stay in bed before I’m late? Wait until I get this on insta! Why do I not have more money? I Wonder what all these people do for a living? Are they a couple? Wonder how long it took her to get ready?  Oh where did she get them shoes! I need to go to New York! Why do I not have more money? I need a new outfit for that….and that! What do i wanna eat later? Should I do more cardio this week? Why do I not have more money? I’d love to get drunk! Is everyone set to annoy me today? I definitely didn’t wear that when I was that age! Why am I not off? I can’t wait to go to bed! Wonder what I’ll wear tomorrow….”

And that was just today.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

Mo’ hair mo’ problemz

First of all, I legit thought this title was the funniest thing?

Anyone else? No? K.

Well anyway I just wanted to do a quick little post on some rollers I picked up ages ago but haven’t really used.

I have a lotttt of hair as you may of noticed and it’s very naturally straight

In other words it takes a hell of amount of effort to do anything with

And I never do. πŸ˜’

So I just grabbed these 8 pack sleep time rollers for Β£2 in primark one day with no great expectation from them.

But it’s primark so you just grab everything and anything anyway.

As the name suggests they have the idea that you can sleep in them; I must admit I haven’t done this yet.

I washed my hair this morning

As I was up at 8 fucking am

& popped them in around the top of my head. I took them out roughly around 12pm before heading out for the day and I was shocked at the lovely natural bounce from them! 

I honestly did nothing else to my hair but a quick hairspray after removing them! I am deffo going to pick up another pack to cover my whole head, for the price I was very impressed!

& here are two irrelevant pictures of what I ate today with my bouncy locks, that were just too good not to share πŸ˜†πŸ·
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Speak soon gals,

Lotsa love


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