Step in the Sands

As you know Or people who actually listen to me know  I am on a fambam holiday in Lanzarote right now. First full day today so I’ve made a promise to myself really cos you gals probz don’t care πŸ™Š to blog as frequent as possible  You’re all bizz aren’t ya??  The hotel I’m stayingContinue reading “Step in the Sands”

Wednesday wishlist – #7 πŸ˜

OH MY GOD. Lying out the back in the sun, is this not the dream?!  I suppose this is what summer is meant to be like….   Anyway it’s Wednesday wishlist time again… Yayayay πŸ˜πŸ’Έ Since it’s sunny & ive actually got a holiday to look forward too now… Crashing the family trip to lanzorteContinue reading “Wednesday wishlist – #7 πŸ˜”