What’s in your bag?

As I’m sitting here surrounded by endless amounts of shorts and a flamingo inflatable, I thought now was a good time to write a blog post.


Procrastination at its finest.

I’m not gonna give anyone tips on how to pack a suitcase as I am a brutal packer.

Anyone who knows me knows I will try and bring 10 pairs of shoes – and wear every pair.

Instead I thought I would share some of my essential hand luggage pieces I need for travelling. 

I always like to bring an oversized scarf in my bag. The aeroplane is always so unpredictable temperature wise so this is super light and easy to wrap round me if it’s a lil cold – or use as a handmade pillow 💁🏻

Again with the scarf, I like to be super comfy on the plane. Now I do try and wear suitable footwear for such events but these lifelong flip flops are so easy to chuck in my bag if I wanna slip them on during the flight or when I get off! Also saves another pair of shoes in my suitcase 🙃

Three things I always bring away with me. Tanning tablets I take every morning before sizzling in the sun, I take the water balance tablets to try and keep that bloat down as much as possible & my lips always die on holiday/aircon so Vaseline is a winner!

Lastly but probably the most important, a whole lotta celeb gossip and some cards for any unannounced drinking games. Entertainment (beside the alcohol)  is always key for me on a flight so these are my go to items! You might be more intellectual and decide on a novel…

So alongside all the usual hand luggage essentials, these are my go to must haves.

Do you use any of the same? Or what’s your secrets?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 

AG xxo

Festival feelz 101☀️🦄✌🏻️

I must say I have been lucky enough this summer to have attended many events to see a lot of amazing live acts. 

Even more luckily the weather has been on our side these days which makes outfit life so much more fun & exciting. 

This week I attended belsonic for disclosure on Wednesday and fatboyslim on Saturday. 

I have picked up some quirky little bits over the summer so these came in perfectly for festival season. 

Wednesday I wore a mustard jumpsuit that I picked up in a little shop on the streets of Salou when I was away; it was like €10! The baggy trouser effect on it was perfect for the festival feel and I styled it with a little black belt, ankle boots & a choker – Easy.

My makeup for the week was done by the wonderful Maria Moore – but there will be a blog post on this makeup fairy to follow.

I got these cute little hair rings from new look recently for like £1.25 so I thought they were perfect with two little French plaits.

On Saturday I wore this wee cool vintage kaftan I got off eBay! I love this seller I bought it off I have got loads of bits from them before, check them out – http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?sid=ibizavintageclothing&_pgn=1&isRefine=true

So that’s it for summer really then gals, where did it go?

I’m ready for cold nights in to be honest…

Winter BAE search begins.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 

AG xxo