Parklife ✌🏻️💐

Had all intentions of writing this up while enjoying my last day off tomorrow buttttttt easyjet are (excuse my French in advance)  wankers ☺️ Soooooo I have a spare two hours in the airport  Yay. 😑 Must say I am still buzzing from an amazing weekend at Parklife festival in Manchester so can’t really complain…Continue reading “Parklife ✌🏻️💐”

kickin’ it

leaving work this evening at 6pm to sunlight still settled in the sky was absolutely perfect!! first time this year I’ve got a little eek of excitement for spring! so to put a spring in your step see what I did there? huh? hehe , soz. I decided to have a look at some new trainers forContinue reading “kickin’ it”