A couples suit 👫

Wedding season is well and truly approaching, and as lovely as it is to be invited to share someone’s special day with them the perfect wedding  outfit for a guest is always a tricky one.

so I thought I would share some ideas with you gals and your other half.

as cheesy as it may sound but matching with your bae is essential at events such as weddings.

so I thought I would start with the boys…

for once.

The Guys..

not just to be stuck for a wedding, a good suit is essential for all men in their wardrobe. Much like us girls and the LBD. For me it simply has to be a grey skinny fit suit. Boys in grey trousers?


Personally I would just stick to a two piece, you don’t wanna steal any of the wedding parties thunders.


Based on what your lovely lady is wearing; I would opt for a crisp white shirt and you can spice this look up a bit with a bright tie for spring.

to finish the look we need a perfect shoe, now for a grey suit you could really go for anything but preferentially for me it would be brown.

all items for the guys are from lTM Lewin’s Suit Collection> so if you don’t quite like any of these check out much more that they have available.

The Gals…

a lot more choice for the ladies when it comes to wedding outfits, but you’ll agree with me here gals that that just means its a lot harder to make your mind up on what exactly you want. Today I’ve opted for a dress, again as its spring you wanna be bright, vibrant and fresh looking.

(praying to everything holy that you don’t clash with the bridesmaids.)

I have selected the pink and baby blue paisley print tie for my matching “imaginary couples look” cos we all know it aint me anyway…

the baby pink and blue colours will match in perfect with this tie, especially the print in the pink. Both dresses are from http://www.asos.com

well gals that’s just a little outfit idea for a spring wedding or event you may have this year,

do you like these looks? do you think its important to match your other half?

speak soon,

lotsa love



Wednesday wishlist – THE MENS CUT


a few pals of mine suggested doing something for the guys here on galsgoss

and the more I thought about it the more it sounded like a good idea for something new & fresh.

and really its a win win for me to drool over male models…

now I wouldn’t say I have a big male following….ones that will admit it anyway

so I thought this might work; who knows…

following on from last weeks Wednesday wishlist https://galsgoss.com/2015/11/11/wednesday-wishlist-25/

I thought I would keep it similar and pick some looks for the guys to wear over the festive period.

what do you think; is a mens Wednesday wishlist something that could have potential?

let me know!

speak soon,

lotsa love


jacket - £24 trousers -£15
ASOS jacket – £24
trousers -£15


jacket - £85 waistcoat - £32 trousers - £40
ASOS jacket – £85
waistcoat – £32
trousers – £40


cuffed leg trouser - £32
ASOS cuffed leg trouser – £32


ASOS velvet blazer - £80
ASOS velvet blazer – £80
ASOS waistcoat - £32
ASOS waistcoat – £32
TOPMAN white shirt - £40
TOPMAN white shirt – £40
TOPMAN suit trouser - £50
TOPMAN suit trouser – £50
TOPMAN dicky bow - £10
TOPMAN dicky bow – £10
H&M Jacket - £49.99 trousers - £24.99
H&M Jacket – £49.99
trousers – £24.99
H&M waistcoat - £14.99
H&M waistcoat – £14.99

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