Style steal Sunday’s – Kim Kardashian

I know and you all know by now I am a Kardashian obsessive if you will, but I just feel a fashion sisterly love with each of them. Nobody can deny how UNREAL Kimmy K is looking these days. She doesn’t half work for her body. This look she was pictured in this week is soContinue reading “Style steal Sunday’s – Kim Kardashian”

Style steal Sunday’s – Victoria Beckham 💁🏻

okay I am very aware that my first and em last “style steal Sundays”  was like a month ago, so apologies. I had a busy few weekends and honestly just did forget. But here we are again and I promise I will actually make this every Sunday 🙂 so this week we have seen all theContinue reading “Style steal Sunday’s – Victoria Beckham 💁🏻”