Style steal Sunday’s – Haliey Baldwin 💁🏻

Haliey Baldwin is one of them born already famous sorta gals, but recently she has became more and more in the spotlight.  Having pals like Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner would help get any of us more noticed to be fair. All that aside she is a total babe and has an amazing sense ofContinue reading “Style steal Sunday’s – Haliey Baldwin 💁🏻”

Style steal Sunday’s – Kim Kardashian

I know and you all know by now I am a Kardashian obsessive if you will, but I just feel a fashion sisterly love with each of them. Nobody can deny how UNREAL Kimmy K is looking these days. She doesn’t half work for her body. This look she was pictured in this week is soContinue reading “Style steal Sunday’s – Kim Kardashian”