TSC; third time lucky. πŸ’ͺ🏼

For me this ‘third time lucky’ rule really applied to me yesterday. 

Almost a year after I last competed in the srongfirst TSC i found myself face to face with the three strength challenges ahead of me.

  • Deadlift 
  • Flexed arm hang
  • 5 minute kettlebell snatch test

After the last competition I didn’t do as well as I wanted, I more or less completely stopped deadlifting, so the last 6 weeks or so I have been trying to build that strength back up….

Few bitch fits through belieeeeeeve me. 

I ended up changing my deadlift stance to sumo style like two weeks ago πŸ™„

A move that scared me before I tried it to be honest but I have felt a lot more confident and stronger this way. 

I got 3 lifts of 85kg,95kg & 100kg. All three easy enough so I am determained to stay at this lift and improve.

I was absolutely delighted with my flexed arm hang, I got 65 seconds; this was such an improvement on my last one and a personal best for me. 

The last thing is the snatch test which is the worst 5 minutes of life to be fair to everyone like but I can see a massive improvement in myself, mainly being able to breathe more during and after it. I got 132 snatches in 5 minutes which I am happy enough about, I could probably have gotten more but I am pleased with my technique and overall improvement in this move. 

So overall I am buzzing with myself and all the guys & gals who took part alongside myself yesterday. Everyone did amazing! Setting personal goals like this is always a great thing to keep dedicated for and I’ve learnt massively with a positive mindset positive results will follow. The cocktails after IS always a massive upside too…

Speak soon, 

Lotsa love

AG xxo

A day at the barΒ 

A little while ago I posted about strong first TSC that I had registered to do…yesterday was that day.


After copious amount of alcohol and food over the Easter break I most deffo was not confident yesterday going to hybrid gym Belfast to compete.

Me and the ladies that had entered were all equally as nervous and wondering why the f**k we were putting ourselves through this…

Blame Danielle.

After trying to run away about 14 times and being on the verge of boking crying and every other emotion available we finally made it to the small room with weights pull up bars and scarily big kettlbells surrounded by rows of chairs.

Shits oneself.


The first of the 3 challenges was the deadlift. The main one everyone wanted to push themselves in. You had 3 attempts at your lift, I started mine at 75 then 85 then went to 100kg. 

Big jump.. I know.

the adrenaline definitely takes over and the amazing support from everyone around you pushing you on makes a real difference, I would never have went to 100 without the encouragement so I was absolutely delighted when I got it, new PB yay yay!

game face πŸ™Š

Dead hang

In my category we had to do a flexed arm hang for as long as possible, higher categories had to do wide grip pull ups and ones with weight attached πŸ™ˆ 

This was totally my weakest as my upper body strength is slightly horrendous so I only got 18 seconds 

Poor I know. 

So this is definitely something I need to work on! Some amazing strong girls were getting up to a minute and more! So cool seeing how strong people are!

Snatch test

Last but holy hell not least was a 5 minute snatch test with a 12kg kettle bell.

Other wise known as 5 minutes of fucking torture 😭😭😭😭

This was definitely the hardest for me, it takes it clean out of you especially when you don’t do much cardio… meaning none.

My aim was to get 100 and I got 117 so another PB for me. Also pleased I didn’t have to set it down 

just hung in the air for a while instead πŸ™Š

my beast of a trainer done 94 with a 20kg

I am absolutely buzzing I completed it and got 2 personal bests. After the freaking out before hand and the shaking like a leaf after it was all worth it….

Sort of.

All the ladies that completed it with me done amazinggggg and all the other competitors there were fab! It’s especially good seeing how strong the ladies are πŸ˜‰ 

Me and all the lovely girls went out for food and drinks in Belfast after, so fab day/night all round! 

Back to doing nothing and crying about the pain I’m in before returning to dreaded work tomorrow 😩 hope you gals had a lovely weekend! Lotsa love, AG Xxo








TOP// new look

NECKLACE// primark

JEANS// topshop 

SHOES// kurt Geiger