Slouch to street 🕺🏼

I’m the type of girl who would put skinny jeans on in the morning thinking “yas girl, you can do this” then come lunch time regret every bit of my decision.

There is nothing better than taking them off when we get in. Am I right?

So when I seen this “loungewear” look come more and more to light over the last few months I was all for it.

We have have to make compromises for an outfit – of course. But in reality we just want to be comfy af all day 🤷🏻‍♀️

I have avoided the January sales big time this year (mostly because I was off to London and they were gonna win) so I was pretty smug with these purchases when I finally graced them.

(Sale items not online)

Jumper £9.99 – Zara

Trousers £12.99 – Zara

Boots £39 – topshop

Beret £12 – topshop


I loved pairing the two different types of grey materials and tones together. I added the sock boots and hat for a more sleek look (but I stuck my vans on to shop for the rest of the day 🙊)

Would you hit the streets in this look? Or keep it for slouching about the house?

Speak soon,
Lotsa love

AG xxo

Style steal Sunday’s – Kim Kardashian

I know and you all know by now I am a Kardashian obsessive if you will, but I just feel a fashion sisterly love with each of them.

Nobody can deny how UNREAL Kimmy K is looking these days. She doesn’t half work for her body.

This look she was pictured in this week is so simple yet so flattering for her. Perfect street style. The nude bodysuit compliments her assets perfectly and I always find this colour suits her beautiful skin tone and dark hair. Here are some similar alternatives of Kims outfit.

bodysuit – PLT

jeans – misguided

Heels – simmi

what do you think of Kims street style look here? Would you wear it?

speak soon,

lotsa love

AG xxo