Bargain bucket πŸ’·

Ah me and my beloved Primark had been separated for a long time, I was well overdue a good haul. & that I had. πŸ™ŠπŸ˜‹ It’s just one of those places you can’t run in for one thing, instead come out with a bag full of bargains.  You can’t even be mad; here’s what IContinue reading “Bargain bucket πŸ’·”

Sunday best πŸ’

If all else fails pay your 7 year old brother a Β£1 to take photos of you out the back garden. I kid you not. But I just HAD to blog about these amazing jeans I picked up yesterday!  I haven’t had a good rummage around the January sales at all this year, yesterday was myContinue reading “Sunday best πŸ’”