The browtique 💁🏻

5, 6 years ago I don’t think anybody knew how important eyebrows would be to a woman’s life.  Like I can’t even bare look at old pictures to see the non existent shaped caterpillars on my face 😩    Thankfully I found the beautiful brow angel Sinead. I have been going to the browtique for overContinue reading “The browtique 💁🏻”

Eléni blemishLess cream 

so the lovely Emma from eleniskincare sent me their blemishLess cream to try a couple of weeks ago!  Much like every girl I suffer with blemishes spots blackheads etc so anything that’s going to help me achieve close to perfect skin I’m going to love!  I’m easily pleased and get excited by the simplest things so IContinue reading “Eléni blemishLess cream “