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I dunno about you gals but getting new pyjamas for Christmas is more or less tradition, no?

opening that one present on Christmas eve (that we all know is our cosy new xmasy pjs and socks) to get all excited and ready for the big man coming down the chimney.

so whether you’re buying a loved one pjs or they are simply for yourself, here are some of this years must haves for the gals, guys & little gremlins.










little gremlins




there we have it, plenty of pj picks for the whole fam this year.

what’s your fav?

speak soon,

lotsa love

AG xxo


Wednesday wishlist – #28

on this miserable cold winters night there was nothing more beautiful than lifting pjs & bedsocks off the radiator to put on…

ah cosy bliss! 😍

I am a sucker for a new pair of pyjamas; there is something so comforting in them and I think at this time of year, especially Christmas new pjs are always essential.

even if you do get a pair from every tom dick & harry you can never have enough.

so continuing on with the previous two weeks Wednesday wishlists gift guides I have picked some jammies for all the fam!

what’s your guilty pleasure gift at xmas?

speak soon,

lotsa love


Next - £28
Next – £28

Next - £32
Next – £32

M&S - £28
M&S – £28

M&S - £18 - £22
M&S – £18 – £22

M&S - £12- £14
M&S – £12- £14

M&S - £17 - £21
M&S – £17 – £21

M&S - £12 - £14
M&S – £12 – £14

Missguided - £20
Missguided – £20

Missguided - £22
Missguided – £22

New Look - £14.99
New Look – £14.99



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