Got it from my mamma 💁🏻

We all have the girls to swap and share clothes with, for me it’s my mums wardrobe I sneak a peak in too here and then 👀 My mum has passed a lot on to me, most people will say predominately  looks as we are “the double of each other” but the most cherished skillContinue reading “Got it from my mamma 💁🏻”

No boyfriends no problems 💙

Okay so this post would have been up earlier if I hadn’t of had my head down the toilet all day. It’s official, I’m old, can’t drink anymore. Retired. Last night we had our gym Xmas party, in January I know but we like to do things different in The Little Gym.  I hadn’t used myContinue reading “No boyfriends no problems 💙”