2019 ✨

Honestly I’ve only stumbled onto my blog today because I got a notification of an automatic renewal payment coming out and I thought what the fuck I haven’t wrote anything in about 5 months.

What kind of blogger am I? 🤦🏻‍♀️

I always sit down at this time of year to write my new goals out for the year and have a look at the previous years objectives. I can honestly say I ticked off a good chunk of mine and I’m more determined than I’ve ever been for 2020s goals.

2019 has probably been the most successful yet unsuccessful year of my life. Starting a whole new life in London obviously being the key life change I’ve made, but with that I’ve also developed a whole new set of thoughts and feels that I’ve never experienced before.

I’ve had anxiety for the first time, I’ve felt so lonely I’ve cried myself to sleep, I’ve felt lost, I’ve felt not good enough, I’ve never felt more single and just outright sad than ever. I’ve felt like as I’ve moved to another city to better my life everyone else around me has overtook and is doing better, happier and I’ve felt left out. I’ve also learnt that all of the above is more than normal and by saying them out loud (or on social media cos same thing, right?) is the only way I’ll ever be able to overcome these feelings and do something about it.

I don’t want this to sound like I’ve been unhappy all year because I defiantly have not, I’ve only had these feelings for maybe the last 3 months and alongside them I’ve had some of the best days and experiences alongside making new life friends.

For 2020 the number one goal on my list is to become the best version of myself that I possibly can. I am going to go for everything I’ve ever wanted and stop fearing the outcome.

I want to wish everyone a happy new year and a special thank you if you’ve stuck around to still hear what I’m up too after all these years, I appreciate it. ❤️

Talk soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

Going green for the new year 🚴🏻‍♀️

Biking. You see people doing it everywhere, but don’t do it yourself. This needs to change because you’re missing out on tons of benefits with cycling! From helping you tuck away extra cash to being an excellent form of exercise, here are seven awesome reasons why you should get that unused bike out of the shed!

C for Cheaper Costs

Not only do most bikes cost considerably less than buying a car, but they are also much cheaper to run. You don’t need to think about petrol and hefty car repairs. Bike repairs are surprisingly cheap as the parts and maintenance cost less than that of an automobile. It also saves you prices of using public transport like buses and trains. Another way cycling saves you coin is not needing a gym membership. The exercise which biking provides you is amazingly beneficial and stops the need for those sessions at the gym. We talk about this later on.

Y for Younger Thinking

Riding a bike gets you exploring and discovering new places which takes you back to your childhood years. Getting around by car or public transport reduces you to the same old boring routes and makes you less likely to see your beautiful environment. Discover new walk paths, parks and streets which you never knew existed! Cycling also gives you a chance to spend time with your significant other. We all get stuck for things to do and ways to share time together, but taking up a sport like biking might just solve this. Take an evening bike ride together to strengthen your bond and to rekindle the romance. Cycling has also been proven to increase your sex drive, so big pluses all round!

C for Cheery Fun

You never know, if you start biking you might just get family members, friends and your partner involved too! The more people, the more fun. Cycling is very much a group sport which means you can enjoy the company of others and lose some weight at the same time. Just remember, if you get into a nasty bump, make a bicycle accident claim. A physical injury makes it harder for you to remain active and brings you down. Consider getting an electric bike for the time being.

L for Living Longer

We’re not just overstating this one. It’s been statistically proven that cyclists in the Netherlands live longer than other Dutch people who don’t ride a bike. Also, research has found out that for every hour you cycle, you live an hour extra too. Not only are you saving money, getting brilliant exercise and discovering new places, but you’re living longer too. If this isn’t an incentive to start riding, tell us what is!

I for Improved Wellbeing

Following on from the previous tip, cycling gets you sweating and your heart pumping – all in a good way! A short trip to the local shop, fifteen minutes there and back, is a fantastic cardiovascular activity. Your chances are getting ill are reduced significantly, 30 minutes a day, for a week, makes your immune system stronger. It also releases those feel-good neurotransmitters, endorphins! These are brilliant for your mental health and has been known to help people with stress and anxiety.

N for new interest

For those looking for a new hobby, cycling is the way to go! It doesn’t matter how old you are too, if you stay safe and be aware of your surroundings, you can reap so many enjoyments from biking. There are tons of Facebook pages which are devoted to cyclists such as, Cycling Hobby. Soon, you’ll become a pro bike rider and be able to take part in races. By joining in with annual and seasonal races, you’ll meet new people, get fit and raise money for charities.

G for Greener Environment

Cycling is great for Our environment and a more sustainable form of transport. Using a bike produces zero carbon pollution. Also, to manufacture a bike, it takes five percent of the energy and materials used to craft a car. Not only is this better for the environment, but the need for oil is reduced, which lowers the demand for the world’s sources. At least you can say that you’re cutting down your carbon footprints and helping to stop global warming! If you travel to work by car, you’re sure to have had your fair share of annoying traffic. Cycling cuts this problem down and makes it so there’s one less person on the road.

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