Humpday heels – #6

Okay I know all you gals are like me and crave every shoe we can’t have  Or afford as the case is with me Louboutins, Dior, Chanel The list of unpracticalities is endless.. The sometimes more affordable brand for me to lust over is After I had found an amazing pair of shoes on InstagramContinue reading “Humpday heels – #6”

Wednesday wishlist – #8 πŸ˜

Sales sales sales everywhere atm. & if any of you gals are like me this is heaven. 😍😍 I am a serious Bargain hunter, can’t help but feel seriously proud of myself after picking up a bargain; it’s like an achievement. And hells sure achievements are a positive thing. 😝 Don’t get me wrong some salesContinue reading “Wednesday wishlist – #8 πŸ˜”