No boyfriends no problems πŸ’™

Okay so this post would have been up earlier if I hadn’t of had my head down the toilet all day.

It’s official, I’m old, can’t drink anymore.


Last night we had our gym Xmas party, in January I know but we like to do things different in The Little Gym. 

I hadn’t used my mermaidy vibed sequin bag that I got in pennys on my Dublin trip so I wanted to wear it.
So with my little makeup Angel miss Maria Moore outdone herself & we went for a crazy lip 

Limecrime peacock.

Risky but it’s me, I like a little risk.


I went a little mad in Zara sale the other day and picked up some serious bargains, this tsirt being one of them. Β£3.99

I decided it was a dress for the night and popped a little belt on with it and my white H&M blazer (also a sale bargain at a time) 

That’s what my weekend look like gals,

Back to the fear of Monday slowing creeping up. πŸ”«

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 


Powerful pout πŸ’‹

So after stalking every beautiful makeup face out there I just HAD to invest in some super sleek velvetines from ‘lime crime’
Lime crime are a makeup site based in America, everything is to die for… So beware, don’t go ‘window’ shopping, it ain’t gonna happen!! πŸ’·
I could have had everything on the site but as it isn’t cheap to makeup our pretty little faces i settled for two of these lippies: ‘cashmere’ & ‘salem’ I was super excited to receive my gorgeous little flowered cover box, with beautifully wrapped skills demonstrated inside.. Presentation is key after all! And coming from America I was very impressed that it only took around a week and a half to arrive! I am in love with cashmere!!!! Absolute essential nude lipstick for the perfect ‘Kylie Jenner’ lip we are all craving at the mo! They smell and taste amazing also which is always good! I haven’t had a chance to try Salem yet as
It is a lil more daring but I will be putting it to the test this weekend!!
Lotsa love
AG Xxo

cashmere – $20

salem – $20

Roughly Β£13.28 each



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