Festive fancy 🌟

This weekend marks the beginning of December which just screams panic I haven’t bought any Christmas presents…. Or if you’re more like me; party season where’s the sparkle at?! Nothing screams festive glam more than House of CB! Luckily for us topshop in Victoria square stock a concession of the brand so you can tryContinue reading “Festive fancy 🌟”

Treating Yourself As Someone You Love â¤ï¸

Following on from my “Self love ” post last week – and all the mixed bag comments with it 🙄🙊 I was kindly contributed the following post all about how to love yourself like you would anyone else in your life. Have a read and let me know what you gals think. Treating yourself asContinue reading “Treating Yourself As Someone You Love â¤ï¸”