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happy weekend gals! reporting from my death-bed here drowning in a stinking lemsip, 14 tissues hanging out of my nostrils…F**K the cold!!!!!!!!!!! so yeah totally feeling sorry for myself this evening…sympathy welcome!

to try make myself feel a little better i wanna show my new shoes off that arrived. this is the other parcel i was waiting on arriving by the way, lent promise still going strong…two days in, yes!

as i have blogged about before lace up heels are killer at the minute for me so when i came across these beauty’s i just had to have. i had never really heard much of justfab before but i was pleasantly surprised when i went on their website. they have a wide range of shoes, bags and jewellery. now wait for the good bit, when you first sign up to be a VIP member you get 50% off your first order….amazing right?! they also offer free delivery on orders over £35. the two pairs of shoes i received yesterday i got for £29…YES TWO PAIRS! i also received further discount for buying two pairs, deffo check it out girls…fab offers and deals! Only thing with being this “VIP MEMBER” is you need to remember to skip their monthly offers every month so you don’t get charged (annoying I know) you can do pay as you go option which means the full discounts aren’t as good but saves any chance of getting charged! You can cancel your VIP membership at anytime which I will probably be doing for my lent anyway. im hoping i make a full recovery overnight so i can slip on a pair of these tomorrow night, pray for me…

Lotsa love, AG Xxo

"Addisyn luxe" £39 also available in black
“Addisyn luxe” £39
also available in black
"stefany" £35 available in red and nude
“stefany” £35
available in red and nude

Lust for lace up! 😍

Evening all! For most lucky people it was payday this weekend, unfortunately for me I have to wait until next Friday 😥 but will that stop me looking for clothes and shoes I can’t afford? Hell no🙊 

 I am absolutely loving the lace up heel at the minute, it is definitely staying a key love for me. Especially now coming into the spring summer collection in the shops we can start to lose the boots and get more out! Even though it’s like -7 degrees outside 

I have picked a few favs I found; that will more than likely slide into my basket over the next week! Lotsa love AG Xxo 





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