A day at the bar 

A little while ago I posted about strong first TSC that I had registered to do…yesterday was that day. Ouch. After copious amount of alcohol and food over the Easter break I most deffo was not confident yesterday going to hybrid gym Belfast to compete. Me and the ladies that had entered were all equally asContinue reading “A day at the bar “

Strong is the new skinny 💪

Weekend is here gals, YAYAYAYAY!! I’ve started mine by registering to something quite scary 🙈 STRONGFIRST TSC. http://www.strongfirst.com Oh sweet lord. Can’t believe I’m doing this, mad in the head I hear you ask, yes that is me. The Strongfirst technical strength challenge Is preparing for a max deadlift, a maximum number of pullups (dead armContinue reading “Strong is the new skinny 💪”