Baby got back

last night me & the girls had girls night out at Alibi Belfast 

And as girls nights go it was fabbbb!!

We all hadn’t been out together in ages so was messy messy messy πŸ™ˆπŸΈ

I finally got a chance to wear my white flared trousers from my primarkpalava post

White trousers on nights out never end good FYI. 😩

I picked up a fab backless bodysuit from last week so thought this was a perfect match. 

Simple jewellery & a statement lip finished off my look. 

Hope you gals had a nice weekend, Sunday fear to finish off mine but hey only a two day week for me

…. Lanzarote on Wednesday!!!! β˜€οΈβœˆοΈ

Speak soon,

Lotsa love 













Saturday’s on spoon street πŸ§

another weekend drawing to a close & my behaving (sitting in) & training and diet has been going well.

Me & my best girl Kristina went for a frozen yogurt experience last night… My treat for the week and OH MY GOSH…

Amaze balls.

This shizz is frozen yoghurt to a whole other level. This was our first time there so we were overwhelmed with the goodies and treats that stared us back 😍

There are 16 amazing different flavours of frozen yoghurt & over 45 toppings to take your pick from. It’s all help yourself so it’s easy to go crazy. 

I would love to tell you what exactly was in my little tub but I got too excited and had so many different things I forget πŸ™Š

Just have a look for yourselves….



I felt my outfit was fresh out of a western/a little kourtney kardashian-esque last night…
Good mix eh? πŸ˜•

HAT // primark 


JEANS // topshop 

BOOTS // missguided 

LEATHER JACKET // river island 

RINGS // primark 



Enjoy your Sunday gals! πŸ’œ

Oh & happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!!

Lotsa love, 


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