Happiness is…

Big Monday today….

Start of spring (apparently) and international happiness day! 🙂

Who decides these “international” days? I would like that job…

Nevertheless, happiness could be a million and one things for every other person but I thought I would do a a little post on some things that make me happy…

  • Happiness is taking your makeup off after a long day 
  • Happiness is an online delivery arriving and everything just being perfect
  • Happiness is putting on fresh pyjamas after a warm shower/bath 
  • Happiness is knowing you’ve an amazing circle of friends only wanting the best for you
  • Happiness is being appreciated 
  • Happiness is seeing my little brothers sleepy face first thing in the morning
  • Happiness is watching someone open a gift 
  • Happiness is seeing progress after training your ass off
  • Happiness is an amazing meal
  • Happiness is getting that selfie just right
  • Happiness is seeing old couples still so in love
  • Happiness is a family day out
  • Happiness is fresh bedsheets 
  • Happiness is a cup of coffee first thing in the morning
  • Happiness is a good tan 
  • Happiness is laughing until you cry
  • Happiness is a feel good film 
  • Happiness is Christmas morning
  • Happiness is a shopping spree in Primark
  • Happiness is knowing you can do what you want

These are just some fun and simple things that make me happy and grateful.

What makes you gals happy?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

“New year, new me” booshit…

We all absolutely hate that cliche new year new me crap, right? 
As much as we all have good intentions and are necking green coloured smoothies for the first week… month for really keen people the resolutions slowly slip into distant memories. I try to make more doable and realistic goals for me.

Everyone will have a complete range of “goals”  for 2017 but nevertheless, write them down and keep them somewhere – even in your phone and check back every once and a while and see how they are going! 
– Progress myself in work life

– Get back to committed gym life & food prep

– Visit London again 

– Do more things that scare me 

– Spend as much time with good friends and family as possible

– Learn the meaning of going for “just a few” 🤔

– Laugh more than cry

– Continue to treat myself whenever I feel fit to do so 💁🏻

– Go on more road trips 

– Try not to be totally single and boring forever and ever; embrace this mid 20s stage of life

Have you gals made any resolutions or goals for this year? 

Let me know what you think of mine!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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