How to be single?

If there was anything I could confidently write about, it would be this.

I recently just re watched the name say film (if you haven’t seen so – do.) 

And yes my life is not going out every night and having one night stands in New York City before we go any further… 🙄

But does that mean that’s all being single is?

Single to me is learning life lessons, learning how to be on your own confidently and happily. Being able to fend for yourself, hammer that nail into the wall and hang that self love quote on your wall girl.

I have reached the mature age of  25 without being in a single solid relationship I’ve a skill of picking a select few “headfucks” that have cracked my black heart…. just a little.

Am I embarrassed by that? Maybe sometimes, but am I a lot more proud of myself to say I can do and have done everything for myself the last 25 years? Hell yes. 

I have watched some of my beautiful best friends go through the wars with their other halves, give up majority of their time and life with them, cry over them, fight with them, call them everything under the sun so dependent on them they don’t even know how to change a lightbulb material. 

But us girls have an extraordinary ability to round the troops and wash them tears away of your best friend when they need you, agree with them that their now ex boyfriend was the worst mistake ever, wack on the “im over it face” and accompany it with a killer outfit. 

The jist of this post is really for anyone who is afraid to be “single” because the truth is you will always have the strongest support system around you, and yes the word single is an analogy of the word alone but we need to see that the ability to be happy and alone is one of the strongest powers you can have.

….And if you’re afraid of being single on your own, I’ll always be right beside ya 😉

Speak soon,

Lots love

AG xxo

When love island becomes life ❤️🌴

Today the date of the love island final was revealed and the sound of hearts breaking all over the UK was real.

What in the name of good fuck am I going to do come 9pm every night?

I’m not gonna lie, I do not lead the most exciting of social lives

….non existent 75% of the time if I’m being brutally honest. 

So every evening  itv2 is my life and if any of you gals follow my snapchat “galsgoss” you will know. 

Nightly running commentary goes down.

But, this year more than ever I feel the obsession is shared and people feel the love island hype strong….

  • Walking into work at 9am “omg did yous see love island last night?”
  • Omg can’t wait until love island tonight
  • What do you think they’re all doing right now?
  • How do they wear makeup all day every day?
  • I’m gonna apply next year 
  • Wonder what they talk about
  • Do I say “grafting” in my normal day vocabulary too much?
  • I need to get one of those tshirts with their quotes on it 
  • Wonder would kem cut my hair 
  • Do you think blazing squad will reform?
  • Wonder how many bikinis they all brought
  • Chris rapping is the best thing 
  • Why does Olivia not laugh at Chris? He is hilarious; he should be with me
  • I’m gonna apply next year 
  • Alex is so dreamy but does he speak English?
  • Johnny’s face has made the series 
  • Why does gabby think them buns at the side of her head are nice?
  • I’m gonna apply next year 
  • It’s Saturday night and there’s no new episode? Wtf am I meant to do tonight?
  • Bet they can’t wait to check their insta followers when they get out 
  • I’m gonna apply next year 

Gals let me know, am I on my own here? Or is the obsession real?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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