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so today I had the pleasure of travelling to silk beauty & hair salon to have a complimentary eleni facial.

I have recently blogged about their blemishless cream I was sent to try

see here -> https://galsgoss.com/2015/08/03/eleni-blemishless-cream/

and I loved it so I was excited for todays facial…. who doesn’t love a facial though?

me and my best friend Amy ( my darling photographer for the following pics) were welcomed by the lovely Gina who was completing the facial and lead to a cute relaxing little room.


as eleni offer many different products there are different facials available for your skin type.


I opted for the even skin tone facial. it was absolutely perfect! so relaxed and Gina was so lovely to talk too throughout. the cleanser, moisturiser, facial toner spritz and the mask used were so lovely on my skin. I loved the face mask it was so light and didn’t even feel like a normal mask would

not that if you smile your face will crack feeling

while the mask was setting for 12 mins Gina gave a soothing arm and hand massage. I was so relaxed I looked like I had been asleep 100 years….I feel like I will sleep 10 years tonight.

for different facials range at different prices; starting from a 25 min one for £25 up to £55 for the full 55 min treatment I received today. I really couldn’t recommend it more, as facials go this was one of the best I have had! I will be excited to see the benefits tomorrow.

the lovely Gina also gave me a 3D younique fiber lashes kit to try so stay tuned for a post on that!

so if you haven’t yet, check out eleni skincare products and where there are stockists available close to you!

speak soon,

lotsa love


Eléni blemishLess cream 

so the lovely Emma from eleniskincare sent me their blemishLess cream to try a couple of weeks ago! 

Much like every girl I suffer with blemishes spots blackheads etc so anything that’s going to help me achieve close to perfect skin I’m going to love! 

I’m easily pleased and get excited by the simplest things so I just loved the little pot it came in 🙊


The blemishLess cream works by softening and removing dead skin cells and pollutants that clog pores and cause irritation, breakouts, acne and spots. Liposomes are harnessed to deliver actives, including the essential oils Clove and Tea Tree, deep into the sebaceous pores where they can be effective in soothing troubled areas and reducing discomfort, successfully attacking infection and inflammation resulting in more relaxed and clearer skin.
You are adviced to use it twice a day but to be honest I’m very bad with remembering these things and was just applying it before bed and even at that I was very impressed with the result.

And also it has like an aniseedy smell which I literally wanted to eat I love it that much 🙊😍

Told you easily pleased .

I’ve been using it over the last week; take a look at some before and after pics.





I will continue to use the cream and will be keen to try other Eléni Skincare Products 

This cream retails at £22 and would deffo give it a go if you’re like me and want to achieve close to perfect skin! 


Lotsa love,


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