Eleni facial

http://eleniskincare.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silk-Hair-and-Beauty-Salon/722917177731096?fref=ts so today I had the pleasure of travelling to silk beauty & hair salon to have a complimentary eleni facial. I have recently blogged about their blemishless cream I was sent to try see here -> https://galsgoss.com/2015/08/03/eleni-blemishless-cream/ and I loved it so I was excited for todays facial…. who doesn’t love a facialContinue reading “Eleni facial”

Eléni blemishLess cream 

so the lovely Emma from eleniskincare sent me their blemishLess cream to try a couple of weeks ago!  Much like every girl I suffer with blemishes spots blackheads etc so anything that’s going to help me achieve close to perfect skin I’m going to love!  I’m easily pleased and get excited by the simplest things so IContinue reading “Eléni blemishLess cream “