Strong is the new skinny πŸ’ͺ

Weekend is here gals, YAYAYAYAY!! I’ve started mine by registering to something quite scary πŸ™ˆ STRONGFIRST TSC.

Oh sweet lord. Can’t believe I’m doing this, mad in the head I hear you ask, yes that is me.

The Strongfirst technical strength challenge Is preparing for a max deadlift, a maximum number of pullups (dead arm hang for my category) and maximum repetitions of a kettlebell snatch. It places a demand and requires your focus on all three types of strength training; maximal strength, bodyweight strength and cardio-vascular endurance. 

Never in my LIFE would have I thought I would be doing something like this, as i have previously posted about training is something I have recently found a passion in. It’s became a hobby of mine that I really enjoy. There is deffo no better feeling of seeing yourself get stronger and improvement in your technique. 

I have met some amazing seriously strong (stronger than most males I know) woman since starting my training, you form a great bond with people and the encouragement from one another is fab! I’m excited to join these ladies in taking part in this challenge! 

I wouldn’t be able to do this without my amazing trainer Danielle. She is A TANK!! Such a small little bundle of fire πŸ™Š she pushes you to your limits which is what you need when training, ” I can’t” is two words she just won’t take! So it’s down to all the lovely ladies in the gym and Danielle that I am going to give this a go…. Now by no stretch of the imagination will I be smashing any world goals or topping my category but I will be thrilled to say I even got to take part. Most importantly my shopping ban will be over so I can buy new gear to wear to it, best thing about it obvs….

Now here’s to the next couple of weeks of training a little extra and trying to eat as clean as possible…. Sets the biscuits down πŸ™Š

Lotsa love, AG Xxo

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