Beach vibes ✌🏻️

what else is there to do on a 4 and a half hour flight other than edit an argubley innappropriate amount of selfies & outfit pics?!  Nothing obvs. I had such a fab time in Lanzarote the past week, perfect relaxing holiday at the pool with my fam. Couldn’t recommend it more for a chilled oneContinue reading “Beach vibes ✌🏻️”

Step in the Sands

As you know Or people who actually listen to me know  I am on a fambam holiday in Lanzarote right now. First full day today so I’ve made a promise to myself really cos you gals probz don’t care 🙊 to blog as frequent as possible  You’re all bizz aren’t ya??  The hotel I’m stayingContinue reading “Step in the Sands”