Flamingo at fashion week 

Why isn’t there a flamingo emoji???? Anyway…. Last week I was lucky enough to attend another season of Belfast fashion week Me and my blogger gal pals Katie Andrew and Lauren Foley attended the shows, the Thursday night designer and local boutique show and the infamous high street heaven show on the Friday evening.  The spring summer launch of WCCFWContinue reading “Flamingo at fashion week “

West coast cooler FASHIONWEEK 👗👠

So New York have had their fashion week, London are having theirs as we type, but commencing on Thursday October 15th is the one and only Belfast FASHIONWEEK. Much more exciting; I know! This time round we are looking at an exciting week of winter trends and styles; what we have to expect is winterContinue reading “West coast cooler FASHIONWEEK 👗👠”