“Text every boy until you have a reason not to” 💁🏻‍♀️

The title of this post is literally the exact words that came out of my mouth… or that I typed last night in a girls chat.

And is it meant to come across in a slutty way? Absolutely not. If it does – then why the hell not? You may as well; as we sure as hell know that he is texting anything and everything until you’ve walked down the aisle.

I have written one or two posts on my shambles of a dating life and my view on being single on here before. Which still stand.

This is now more my view on what the fuck is “dating” in 2018?!

It’s a massive deal now a days to go on a date with someone – in Belfast anyway let me tell ya.

Why? How else do you get to know someone if you aren’t going to date them?

Ahhh that’s right just talk on every form of social media going and like each other’s photos for a few weeks that’s how!

We all know this shouldn’t be the way “relationships” work, yes I say the word relationship loosely as heaven forbid you would class anything as a relationship unless you’ve signed a contract to say you’re official with someone….

But in 2018 if you’re double texting someone, tagging them in a meme or putting them in your insta story you’re a physco bitch who is way too needy!

So what is the happy medium?

Girls want attention, but not too much because they are OTT then. We want someone to text us but it has to be at the exact right times of the day, we want to be asked out but it needs to be the perfect date – but not too perfect because we aren’t that serious?

For me it literally comes down to that old saying of wanting someone to hold the door open for you but slapping your ass when you walk through 🤷🏻‍♀️

I don’t know about you gals, but all this is a pain in the backside and until someone comes into my room where I will be with my unicorn and finds me (because Im making no effort to look for anyone) I’m more than happy to just assist my galpals in their conquers.

Get me back to the era my granny would tell me about – when you simply got asked to dance and the next minute you were engaged and pregnant.

Simple life.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

West coast cooler belfast fashion week AW17 – the launch 👀

I feel like I’m writing these posts more and more regularly (I’m probably saying that each time too 🙄) 

But last week the press launch for the 24th season of west coast cooler FASHIONWEEK kicked off at the divine bullit hotel. 

Now I’ve adapted to summer being over I am full steam ahead ready for autumn. The layering and sherling jackets are calling my name.

The now iconic event, which is firmly fixed in the social calendar, will see four days of fantastic fashion from 26-29 October with the main runway shows taking place at a new home in St. Anne’s Cathedral – meaning longer catwalks, more space and lots of interesting backdrops for photos – both of the fashion on the runway and of the guests in their stylish looks.

Let’s take a look of some trends that we were giving a sneak peak of last week that you need to look out for.







All of these looks were to die for and I cannot wait to see them all and more in the flesh! As well as the runway shows at St Anne’s, there will also be the popular weekend events, including Sushi Saturday at Zen, Style Sunday and a new ‘F Words’ brunch on the rooftop at Bullitt, featuring speakers including Tiffany Brien, Kim Constable, Maria Rafferty and ‘Gluten Free Fi’ talking Fashion, Fitness, Food & being Female. ( if this doesn’t have my name all over it then I don’t even know 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Shows will include collections from several boutiques including Ruby 67, Cameo, Lisa’s Attic and In Chlomo as well as staples Jourdan, Blush and Spoilt Belle. Designers Angela Sloan and AKANI are among newcomers on the local design radar. The high street show will open with a fantastic collection of lingerie by Victoria Square’s Boux Avenue as well as a Debenhams’ Designers at Debenhams showcase, including some special pieces from Julien McDonald, Henry Holland and John Rocha. And after some affordable fashion by George, the style team will also show the top picks from the very best of online and the high street including TopShop, Zara, ASOS & Boohoo as well as French Connection, Oasis, Jigsaw & Karen Millen, among others. Finally, this season, family will come first as there will also be childrenswear from DIGG Fashion in Dungannon, Bluebird in Ballymena and Bambinos in Donegal.

 William Morris eyewear ‘Specs Appeal’ will be there with a pop up, where style spotters will seek out the best dressed guests, who’ll win sunglasses and eyewear. I was kindly gifted a fabulous pair at the launch which I’m sure will make another appearance over FASHIONWEEK.

So if you haven’t already went to this must see fashionable event over the last 24 seasons (where have you been though? 🤔) now is this time as it’s set to be the biggest and best yet! All info can be found at www.belfastfashionweek.com and here is a full schedule of the shows 

THURSDAY 26 October, 8.00PM – DESIGNER BOUTIQUES AND LOCAL DESIGNERS. Tickets priced at £20 or £30 for FROW available from 028 9024 6609 or via links on http://www.belfastfashionweek.com

FRIDAY 27 October, 8.00PM – HIGH STREET. Tickets priced at £20 or £30 for FROW available from 028 9024 6609 or via links on http://www.belfastfashionweek.com           

SATURDAY 28 October, 10am-midday The F Words – Fashion, Fitness & Food Brunch with Tiffany Brien, Kim Constable, Maria Rafferty ‘The Hormone Health Coach’ and ‘Gluten Free Fi’. Price = £29pp

SATURDAY 28 October, 2.00-5.00pm – SUSHI SATURDAY “The Director’s Cut” at ZEN. Generous Asian afternoon tea with West Coast Cooler cocktails on arrival. To book, call 02890421509 Price = £35pp.

SUNDAY 29 October, 2.00-5.00pm – STYLE SUNDAY in support of Action Cancer at James Street South. To book call 028 90421509 Price = £45pp

I’ll see you there gals!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo


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