Ahhhh another Monday morning 😣 weekends just fly past these days!! fortunately its my fav time of year… Awards seasonnnnn! 😍 creeping on the celeb lifestyle I’ll never afford or have!

so last night was the baftas and the grammys and I have spent  my morning (late hours of last night because i couldn’t sleep) lusting over the fab gowns of all the gorgeous celebs. Its sheer excitement for me seeing the fabulousness of the dresses that are just made for drooling over mainly because we will never wear anything like it ever😥 

Here are some of my fav looks! Lotsa love, AG Xx




paleo pancakes!

Happy hump day gals! I’m just back from a good ( I say good I really mean agony) kettlebell class! Nevertheless always makes me feel a bit better about myself, especially when it resembles what looks like the Antarctic outside!! grrrrr! Where is summer at already?!

Speaking of summer for the last four years I have been lucky enough to visit my favourite place ever ibiza! We won’t get it into it too much as it breaks my heart a little every day that I don’t think I’m getting this year and im not ready for that sort of negativity this morning…😥


last year the most delicious restaurant opened up in San Antonio “the skinny kitchen” basically a clean eating restaurant with all sorts of guilt free treats! Perfect for when you’re feeling rough, aslet’s face it 99% of ibiza all day every day! Since coming home I have stalked their Instagram for all sorts of inspo and reciepes! These pancakes I have made this morning are so easy and so yummy!!! They also keep me full up now before work until im home again later!

Recipe :                                                                  2 eggs (more for more people)                             1 banana                                                               A drop of ground cinnamon                                 A little vanilla extract

and that’s basically it! Whirl in the blender (if you have one for lazy people like me) coat the pan in coconut oil and they’re done! I topped mine with a little drizzle of honey and blueberries, strawberries and a bit more banana is always tasty but my fridge wasn’t providing them today! Give it a go, yummy and healthy!

Lotsa love,
AG Xxo




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