Starting The New Year Happy And Healthy: Lifestyle Tips For A More Balanced You

New Year’s resolutions can be a funny thing. More often than not, you’ve given up on yours by the end of January and they tend to be more of something to say rather than something to do. Setting an unrealistic goal for yourself at any time of the year can be difficult to achieve, so why not focus on simpler lifestyle changes instead?

Find the balance you’ve been looking for with these lifestyle tips for a healthier, more balanced you in 2019.

Ditch the things that are bad for you

We all have bad habits, but there are some that are arguably worse than others. Smoking, drinking heavily and eating a poor diet are just some of the things that are not only classed as bad habits, but can lead to serious health problems too. Get help with quitting smoking and your other habits to help you get the year off to a healthier start.

Ditching the bad things can also reply to relationships. A toxic relationship or a one-way friendship can take their toll on you, while cutting the cord can take the weight off your shoulders. Surround yourself with people who are supportive and make you happy, and ditch those that bring you down.

Get more sleep

Sleep is more important than we realise, and a lack of it too often can affect your mood, your mental health, and your physical health too. It’s recommended that the average adult gets 6-8 hours sleep, and aiming for the 8 hours will help you to feel recharged and rested. Learn how to get a better night’s sleep and feel the benefits for your health and wellbeing.

Improve your morning routine

Even the most reluctant of morning people can change their ways and make their mornings more productive. A good morning routine will help you to wake up feeling energised rather than sluggish, allowing you to take your time getting ready and enjoy a proper breakfast. Start every day happy by making some adjustments to your morning routine.

Eat healthier

Many people aim to start the New Year off by aiming to lose weight, but why not focus on eating healthier instead? Instead of following a fad diet or counting every single calorie, making an effort to eat healthier, more natural food can help you look and feel better inside out. Some simple healthy eating tips to adopt include:

  • Make more meals from scratch so that you avoid excess sugar, fat, and salt found in many ready-made foods.
  • Try making your own lunches instead of relying on shop sandwiches and other convenience foods, which often include high quantities of unhealthy ingredients.
  • Make sure you get all of the nutrients your body needs. If you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, for example, there are ways to ensure your body gets the right nutrition to keep your body healthy.
  • Cut back on sweet treats and drinking – everything in moderation!
  • Avoid excess sugar in your diet by giving up soft drinks and sugar-filled foods, you’ll soon find that your sweet cravings disappear.

Get more active

Even if you hate exercise, it’s important to keep your body moving and active. Plus, how do you know you hate exercise when you haven’t tried everything? Recommended activity guidelines for adults say you should aim for 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week to stay healthy, as well as strength exercises at least two days a week. Walking is a fantastic way to stay healthy, so why not start walking to work or leaving the car at home on weekends to help you get those miles in? Finding an activity you enjoy can help make exercise feel like less of a chore, so make sure you try several different activities to help you find one that suits you.

Become more financially stable

Your finances can be a huge source of stress, leading you to bury your head in the sand about your financial situation. However, getting a grip on your finances can help you feel more in control, as well as help you prepare for your future. Start by looking at your debts and making a plan to pay them back. Secured instalment loans can help you manage all of your repayments to take the stress away, and help you save for things like travel, a car or buying a house. Becoming more financially stable can lift a huge weight off your shoulders and help you to sleep better at night.

Take some more time to yourself

We often pride ourselves on how busy and social we are, but keeping up with a lifestyle that’s always on the go can soon take its toll. Instead of saying yes to every social invitation, learn how to say no so that you can claw back some time to yourself. A night in to yourself now and then will do you some good, helping you to focus on the things you enjoy and give you a chance to catch your breath. Once you get into the habit of saying no and realising the world doesn’t end when you do, you’ll be able to say no guilt-free in no time.

Be more organised

If your life tends to be chaotic and you never know where you’re supposed to be from one minute to the next – start becoming more organised. Whether you need to be more organised at work or at home, taking charge can change your life and means that you’ll stop forgetting things. Putting things into your calendar or having a weekly wall chart makes it easier to stay on top of things and puts you back in control.

A new year means a fresh start and the perfect opportunity to make some important lifestyle changes. Start off with smaller changes, and seeing your progress can help spur you on to achieve more. Life is all about finding balance, and finding yours in 2019 could help you become your happiest, healthiest self.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

Health hacks to boost happiness today

Improving your health is essential for boosting your well-being and trying to look after yourself in day to day life. This is something you’ve got to get right because it can play a huge role in taking things further for you. Staying active and boosting your health is essential for allowing you to improve your happiness and get the most out of your life right now. 

Health and happiness are so closely linked, and it is essential to do as much as possible to improve them. This is why you need to make sure you think carefully about what can be done to boost and improve your health and well-being. Using the ideas on here is a great way of ensuring that you have some epic health hacks you can use to improve happiness. 

Improve Winter Well-Being

Winter well-being is one of the best ways of keeping your health in check during the colder months. Staying active during the winter is really important, and it is essential to make sure you look for other ways of being able to keep fit when it’s cold outside. This is the perfect opportunity to look at joining a fitness studio for women so that you are able to keep fit and work out during the winter. This can have a massive impact on improving your health and taking things forward to the next level. 

Enhance your mental health

Enhancing your mental health is really important, and one of the most essential links to happiness. You need to assess your mental health and look at what you can do to be a happier and more positive person. This could be a case of speaking to a professional about any mental issues you might be feeling, but you should also consider taking up things like yoga and meditation in order to help you make this better. 

Take Some Time for You

One of the most effective ways of allowing you to boost health and happiness is to make sure you take some time for you. It is easy to spend a lot of time thinking about other people and what they are doing, but few people take enough time to ensure that they are okay themselves. This is something that needs to be a priority for you, and you have to make sure you set aside a bit of time every day to ensure that you are able to relax, unwind, and de-stress.


Sometimes people wind up hurting or injuring themselves, and this can cause a lot of issues when it comes to keep fit and active. This is why it is essential to make sure you rehabilitate yourself as much as possible. The process of recovering from an injury is important, and it usually involves some kind of rehabilitation process. This can play a big role in helping you improve things in the future, and take steps forward to become fitter and healthier. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas you can use that are going to help you to boost your health and happiness. If you can get these right, it is essential to use them as much as you can. If you want to improve your life and become a better person, you need to start by looking at your health and fitness.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo