What it’s really like living with cancer

Wow what a title. Dramatic eh? 🤣 Last week I feel like it’s actually really hit me that I’m ‘living with cancer’. Obviously and hopefully this won’t be forever but for the first time since being diagnosed a few months ago, it’s sunk in. This might sound stupid and I can’t really explain it butContinue reading “What it’s really like living with cancer”

Living in lockdown – how are we really getting on?!

Well gals, here we are. Week 67 of lockdown? I have honestly lost count of the time, days and weeks at the minute. Every day is Groundhog Day. How are you getting on? I think we have all been asked this question / asked this question to someone recently lol but does anyone really knowContinue reading “Living in lockdown – how are we really getting on?!”