Keeping up with the ‘competition?’

I tried to start writing this post about three or four times but I don’t even really know what I’m trying to talk about – so how do you start it? 😂

As the title suggests I’m basically finding it hard to keep up at the minute and I’ve wrote competition loosely as I don’t know if thats even the right word that I should be using? Everyone I follow on insta or YouTube or their blog is because I enjoy them, their content and love seeing them do well. But are they my competition? Should I be comparing myself to others? Or am I my own competition?

When I moved to London I thought yes this is it, more content, more events, more opportunities where as in hindsight I feel like I’ve hit a wall. My Instagram is more or less at the same following, people who liked and commented on my photos before have just stopped, I’ve been taken off more or less any PR companies mailing lists that I was on before hand (which is fair as I don’t live in the same city) and I’ve only been at a handful of events ( all thanks to my friend Rachael bringing me along as her plus one).

So how do you keep up or am I just being impatient? Wouldn’t be like me…

Living in London is absolutely exhausting and as much as I love it – it deffo takes balls to live here. The balance of working, socialising and trying to keep a day to focus on the creative side of my life is a LOT.

Am I a bad “blogger” if I don’t wanna spend all day every day taking photos of myself? If i can go weeks on end without really being bothered, is that lazy?

When I think of it this way I’m like well yeah gal that’s why you’re not keeping up but then how do you find a balance?

I have always said I hate making content like blog posts and videos “ just cos” i would always rather it have a purpose as I love putting my time into it when I am feeling the creative juices flowing lol.

Do any of you gals ever feel like you’re not keeping up? Wether it be in life, with work or with yourself?! Would love to know everyone’s thoughts on the subject!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

Leaving life for London ✈️

I am alive everyone.

No need to panic.

Seriously though, how long since I wrote a post? 🙈

If you don’t already follow me on everything else or haven’t guessed by the title, I have moved to London.

This weekend marks my first month done and dusted in the big smoke and I just thought it was about time that I gave a little update on what my feels are with leaving home for the very first time. I have literally never lived that “student life” nor experimented by moving out with a mate or two, I was literally by my mas side since birth lol

So I think the year of turning 27 it was about time to go, eh?

I had the idea over the last few years that I never wanted to settle in Belfast and defiantly wanted to move to London at some stage and at the beginning of this year it all just went from 0 to 100 real quick. Which in hindsight I am so glad of.

My job in personal shopping was coming to an end (maternity cover) and instead of settling and going back to my old position I applied for my current job (which just popped up at the exact right time), topshop personal shopper in Knightsbridge and the rest is history as they would say.

A lot of people asked why, how are you going to afford it, will you not miss everyone, it’s so lonely etc etc.

Why? Because in all seriousness what else can I do in Belfast? London is one of the most prestigious cities for the fashion industry and huns that’s where I wanna be.

Afford it? I can’t. Nobody in London can. But fake it to you make it x

Miss everyone? Like mad. And this is the first real week I can openly and honestly say that. This is the longest I haven’t seen my baby brother since he was born and my mum for that. I have the best friends in the whole world and not seeing them at least once a week hurts my heart but making them proud is why I am here.

Lonely? God yeah it can be. I’m typing this sitting on the tube and as I look about the train 95% of the people are on their own. That doesn’t mean they spend their day lonely; and I have a few amazing friends here already which I am so grateful for. I move into my new flat next week with another soon to be great pals and I am so excited to make this my home.

This post is a lot longer than I probably intended it to be, but it is the first time I have properly sat down to write and it has just all came out lol. I did have people write to me on insta who wanted to hear all about it so I hope I have answered everything. Basically I am so happy with the decision I have made to move here, I can already see so many exciting opportunities and experiences for me here in the future. While there are bittersweet moments, you will get that no matter where in the world you are. As long as you have confidence in yourself and a strong support system from friends and fam you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo