Dark choc & peanut butter mini muffin bites 🍌

Ahhhh the good old Facebook likes to do many things to our lives; make us laugh, make us cross, make us want to poke our eyeballs out but he odd time we come across some useful info. Today is one of those days. I found this quick little reciepe for these mini muffins I triedContinue reading “Dark choc & peanut butter mini muffin bites 🍌”

Sausage surprise 

I’m bad with the food posts …. On this. But If you follow my insta or Facebook you will know I am a pig. 🍴🐷 https://www.facebook.com/Galsgoss/ https://instagram.com/aislinggall/ Sorry shameless plug 🙊 So anyway I wanted to show you gals a quick little dinner I threw together tonight. Perfect winter warmer food. I had two packetsContinue reading “Sausage surprise “