BAE cups 🥓🍳

This quick little breakfast dish is unreal. All you need is my two favourite things, bacon & eggs! Preheat your oven Use a muffin tray and oil up 3 sections or however many you’re making Place your bacon in first Crack an egg into each  Season with salt & pepper Pop into oven for 15-20Continue reading “BAE cups 🥓🍳”

Homemade burrito bowls 🥙

One of my “goals” from my last post was to get back on my gym & food commitment 100%…. Now I’ve had a good weekend we will just leave it at that, but I’ve got my alarm set for a 6am gym sesh before work and I’ve made my lunches for the week.  I can’t takeContinue reading “Homemade burrito bowls 🥙”