Pancake Tuesday!

Happy pancake day everyone!! Hope everyone will be flipping some sort of concoction in a pan today, it is the rule after all! seeing it is shrove Tuesday I have made a little addition to my previous post paelo pancakes…. CHOCOLATE! 😍 recipe  3 eggs (add more for more people)  1 banana 1 tbsp of cocoaContinue reading “Pancake Tuesday!”

Proper corn 🌽

Evening allllll! Typing while I eat here so felt the need to share my new find… “Proper corn” 3 guesses what it is… POPCORN yay for you! 🙊 now this isn’t the normal sweet and sticky delightful cinema style popcorn this is gluten and wheat free cutting the calories style popcorn! Have I lost interest fromContinue reading “Proper corn 🌽”