beaut suits!

Every night is a constant battle of trying not to eat and trying not to shop….most nights is a failure of both if I’m honest!!  As a self obssessed “missguided” stalker I find it bitter sweet checking their website daily. But sure what else would we be doing? Wanting what you can’t have is everyone’s guilty pleasure after all!

I’m a sucker for a suit at the minute. Men in suits all day every day… 

but no woman in suits right now is one of my fav looks! Fierce sassy and smart all in one! The tailored look I think is the best, easily dressed up and down for the office or for going out. myself I have no office to be attending but sure what’s wrong with looking in charge everywhere you go?

Lotsa love, Ag Xxo

Monochrome sleeveless blazer - £40
Monochrome sleeveless blazer – £40
Sleeveless mesh blazer - £30
Sleeveless mesh blazer – £30
Black suit trouser - £28 Black suit blazer - £45
Black suit trouser – £28
Black suit blazer – £45
Cropped white blazer - £30 Mini skirt - £20
Cropped white blazer – £30
Mini skirt – £20
Scallop blazer - £30 Scallop skirt - £30
Scallop blazer – £30
Scallop skirt – £30

Lust for lace up! 😍

Evening all! For most lucky people it was payday this weekend, unfortunately for me I have to wait until next Friday 😥 but will that stop me looking for clothes and shoes I can’t afford? Hell no🙊 

 I am absolutely loving the lace up heel at the minute, it is definitely staying a key love for me. Especially now coming into the spring summer collection in the shops we can start to lose the boots and get more out! Even though it’s like -7 degrees outside 

I have picked a few favs I found; that will more than likely slide into my basket over the next week! Lotsa love AG Xxo