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sitting on my bed looking out to the most DISGUSTING day that ever existed. I’m sorry is it not may? I don’t want to see golf ball sized hailstones bouncing off my car roof thank youuuuuu… 

any whooo I have picked up some gorgeous little makeupy treats over the past lock of weeks and thought it was about time I shared some with you gals. 

all of the following I have got from Superdrug recently… now I must say I have a love/hate relationship with Superdrug, mainly because they always have such fab deals on and I spend more money than originally planned… so not really their fault, but you get where I am coming from , right? right. 

have a wee look and see what I am loving for my makeup recently, is there anything you guys have picked up you love? don’t forget to pop buy tomorrow for my Wednesday wishlist who will it be this week? speak soon, lotsa love… IMG_6908

  1. Lottie London flawless base brush £7.99

I picked this makeup brush up when superdrug had their 3 for 2 offer on a little while back. I must say I really love it!! I had been looking a more flat foundation brush so I thought I would give this a go.( I also loved the colour hehe) being honest I had never heard of ‘lottie london‘ but after I bought this I did a little research and love their blog and insta page! there are many brushes available and other items such as nail polishes etc. I would deffo recommend giving this brush a go; and for the other brushes & brush sets they aren’t expensive at all.   

2. sleek makeup highlighting palette ‘ precious metals’  £9.99TOTES have fallen in love with sleek makeup. everything is so cheap & cheerful. I picked this palette up a little while back and have only really fallen in love with it recently. the metallic tones are so gorgeous and perfect for highlighting. it comes with a compact mirror and brush which is always fab for when you need to touch up. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!     

sleek makeup  

3. sleek makeup face form ‘light’ £9.99 as I loved the highlighting one so much I thought I would give this contour palette a go and I haven’t been disappointed. you can get three different shades in this – I opted for the light as I liked the blush colour included in this one the best. it has a contour bronzer block a highlighting block and a blusher. also complete with a mirror. we love sleek, you can never have too many mirrors 🙊     
4. mua luxe velvet lips ‘dare’ £3 I have to say I love MUA it is so so cheap and they always have fab products. I was keen to try these lippys after hearing comparisons to lime crime velevetines.; so I picked up one in ther 3 for 2 offer. I was pleasantly surprised. the colour I picked was fab….after spending 20 minutes deciding which one I wanted. it didn’t stay on as long as my limecrime but for £3 you really cant go wrong with this!    
5. NYC expert last lip color ‘440 creamy caramel’ £1.99 & rimmel professional eyebrow pencil ‘black/brown’ £2.99

I have done these last two products in the same section as they are my dream nude lip combo. I have been pairing these two together for a while now and are my go to products for a natural nude lip. the NYC range have lots of fab products for cheap and this lippy has lasted me foreverrrr. and yes, you are reading this right I use an eyebrow pencil for my liner. it is a GODSEND!!! i picked this lil trick up from the amazing Jamie Genevive  (makeup goddess) it works so well and is such a super cheap option, give it a go….you are welcome in advance.




At the weekend me & my mummy took a trip to ikea…

Totes love btw; total day out, dreaming of living in each station, food half way through…

What’s not to love?!

Anyway I love getting little bedroomy bits from there, a lot of my stuff I have picked up in ikea over the years! So I thought I would do a little post on my beauty table accessories.

Nothing like a mac counter before you get excited.

Every girl has a beauty table, right?

Or a drawer or a box or a corner in their room…somewhere.


i already have these little holders for my candles but thought they would work fab for my brushes, saves hoking through makeup bag at silly oclock to cover the dark circles!
i picked these little lipstick holders up from ebay, they are fab! i try to keep my lipsticks in order of shades….try being the key word.
my table is also from ikea, it sits at the bottom of my bed & i can just slide legs under and pull the little drawer out onto my lap
glass holder & faux flowers from ikea


dressing table mirror – ikea

What sits on everyone else beauty table? Anyone else any bargain ideas from Ikea?

Lotsa love,