Working hard or hardly working?

At breakfast this morning, my friend asked me “well what about galsgoss?”

Now, I’ve got to the stage in life where people just do refer to me as this rather than my christened name. Sorta like Sasha fierce?! However she was meaning in reference to the blog, to this website – where it all began.

My answer was, I’m just not feeling creatively inspired right now. Which led me to thinking, shit am I a bad blogger? Is that even a thing?!

My content is nowhere near as regular and frequent as it once was or as I would like it to be. Aswell as taking on YouTube this year and a new role in work, my days are pretty full.

But if I have nothing to write about or nothing to shoot should I force it just to get something out there?

A post can take a full day with pics etc a video could take me two full days – and when you work in retail the chances of getting two days off together are slim.

But I post on insta every day?

And yes this in itself can be a high demand and effort, making sure you’ve fresh pics and outfits to post every day.

The world is full of “insta bloggers” these days which is perhaps the way it’s going but the time and dedication people spend to write a blog post or make a video; to me they are the real hero’s as I know the amount of time it takes.

So my main question is, do you gals even notice a lack of posts and videos as long as there is insta posts to look at? Does it look like we are working hard or hardly working?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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