Top of the high street

Saleeeeeee time everywhere.

They always come at once to torture us don’t they?

I’ve already indulged on ASOS and got some treats – haul over on my YouTube channel

But the queen of the high street has dropped – Zara sale time!

Here’s some of my favourite picks from this year’s spring summer Zara sale

Red denim jacket £19.99

Pink suit blazer £39.99

Pink suit trousers £29.99

Polka dot dress £17.99

Floral tea dress £19.99

Rainbow playsuit £19.9

Tropical jumpsuit £29.99

gingham shorts £12.99

Sequinned skirt £15.99

Tie up sandals

That’s just a smidgen of the delights that’s went into Zara sale! Personally I’ll be going in store (on payday) for a good hoke through – because if this is anything to go by there will be some gems!

Happy shopping!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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