Am I too old for braces?

As teens, many of us will have gone through an awkward stage where our teeth grew longer and started to fork into weird shapes in our mouths. Having the perfect smile has always been something everyone strives for because it is know to be one of the most attractive features of a person. This is why in our teens many of us end up getting braces to straighten out the teeth and sort out imperfections.

When you get older however, you might think to yourself that you should have taken the chance to get braces while you were in school. You may have missed out on the chance to get your treatment done for free, however now it will cost you a large sum of money for straightening.

There is something which seems a little embarrassing about wearing braces when you are an adult. Even if they are clear braces  or behind the teeth, it can feel odd to go to a bar with your friends and know that you have to hide your teeth all night. However when it comes to straightening out a crooked smile, the effort is worth the work. But is there a point when you become to old to have braces fitted?

How Braces Work

The whole concept behind dental braces is to place pressure on the teeth from certain angles in order to push teeth backwards, push teeth forwards and to make sure there are no gaps between your teeth. There are many different devices and mechanisms which dentists will use to straighten out your teeth, and the most common form of those is the common train track braces. Braces are most commonly used in orthodontic procedures and are used to pull the teeth in every which direction in order to make room for bone to grow and your teeth to become straight.

It is most commonly a practice used on teenagers as their bodies are still developing so they can adapt easier to the movement in their mouths. However, they can also be used on adults, and in fact 1 in 5 orthodontist patients are over the age of 18. The main issue you will find with adults  is that they are more insecure about the way braces will look and the process may take longer than with a child, however it doesn’t mean that anyone can’t have braces if they want or need them.


The type of braces which are available to the public in this day and age are a huge amount different to what was available back 20 years ago. The only option back the would have been the metal braces with a bar across. However, today you will be able to find that there are plastic braces, backwards braces, see-through braces and even ones with gold wire. Most teenagers will opt for the metal braces with colourful elastics on, however as an adult you would Probably want a most subtle brace which you can’t really see as much. Braces are much more effective these days and the course is less uncomfortable in the mouth too.

If you want a different type of brace to the metal ones, a great option for adults is a ceramic brace. The ceramic is matched to your natural tooth colour which means it will barely be noticeable to many people passing by, and they are incredibly strong which is great for your teeth.


If you truly feel as if you are not confident enough to get braces as an adult, you need to thoroughly think through the decision and decide how important it is for you to have perfect teeth. If this is something which you notice every single day in the mirror, and it affects your quality of life  because you are self conscious to smile- you need to be strong and take action for your own sake as well as everyone else around you. Remember what is important and put your future happiness first. You might feel embarrassed for a few months while the braces are in, but once they are out you will have a lifetime of smiling and being happy with your teeth.

You are never too old to get braces out into your mouth. As long as you have the confidence to get it done and you have done all of the relevant research, there is no reason why you cannot work to get that perfect smile you have always wanted to have. It will make you happier and allow you to smile.

Is this something you gals would look in to?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

2 thoughts on “Am I too old for braces?

  1. Also another thing to think about as an adult (although it is pricey) are Invisalign braces! They do the same job of straightening your teeth but it’s a clear cover that goes over the teeth instead of the visible metal brace!
    I don’t think you can ever be too old for braces, it’s just the silly judgemental people that need to pipe down! Haha X Great post!


  2. I’m 24 and just had my braces put in! I’m currently (trying to) maintain a blog about experience life as an adult with braces in…. so far so good! Just another four years left to go…. thank you for sharing your thoughts on this issue 🙂

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