The Perfect Recipe For A Cosy Bedroom

Sometimes there’s nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning after sleeping in, having a long stretch and wrapping yourself back up in your feather down duvet to catch a few more Zs. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary within your home, your haven and your escape from the world. You should be able to leave your stresses and worries at the door, kick back and relax. Take a look at the perfect recipe you need to cook up in order to achieve the cosiest and most luxurious bedroom.


  • Comfortable Bed
  • Gentle Hues
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Soft Furnishings
  • Photographs


1. First, take your comfortable bed and place it somewhere in your room to maximise the space you have. Although you may not have enough room to swing a cat, you can find that perfect spot in which to lay your weary head after a particularly stressful day at work. You could select a bed with plenty of underframe storage to squirrel away your things, so you don’t have any unnecessary clutter in your boudoir. A more minimalist feel to your space will allow you to clear your head more easily.

2. When the bed is firmly in place, it’s time to think about the soft furnishings that will accompany it. Luxurious fabrics that are soft underfoot can add a touch of elegance and cosiness to your bedroom. Adding a sprinkling of cushions and a dollop of shag pile rugs can add a softness to your space, making it feel warm and quaint.

3. Alongside your soft furnishings, you should consider how you are going to light up your cosy space. It’s vital that you forego the strobe and bright white 100-watt bulbs. This lighting is too stark and clinical and will lead to you squinting and reaching for the Ray Bans as you venture into your bedroom. Instead, consider gentle yellow hues with minimal wattage. You want to create an ambience that exudes relaxation. Rather than relying on a main light in the centre of the room, utilise a couple of bedside lamps to create a more pleasant aura for your sleeping quarters. Standing lamps and spotlights can also give you more control over your lighting.

4. Although you have the soft furnishings, the comfy bed, and ambient lighting, you need to personalise the space to make you feel at your most relaxed. Put up some pictures of family, friends, your travels abroad and other photos that put you in a happy and positive frame of mind. Your immediate environment needs to maintain your calmness and encourage the negative thoughts and any worries you have to dissipate.

Creating your perfect cosy bedroom can be trickier than it first appears. When you wake up at the weekend and want to stay in your comfy bed rather than venture out to grab some breakfast you know that you’ve designed a special space. Once you have combined all of the ingredients in this simple recipe, you should have a perfectly moreish and delicious bedroom ready for you to enjoy.

As I still live at home, my bedroom is my own little space so I know I’m working on making it perfect.

What about you gals?

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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