How to afford your beauty blogging essentials

A mascara here and a blusher there isn’t going to cost you a lot, but if you’re a budding beauty blogger, then you’re going to need an awful lot of products to keep your face, mind, and audience stimulated! If you’ve already started out, you’ll know that makeup isn’t cheap – even if you’re only buying drugstore makeup, it still all adds up and can leave your pockets empty. So it’s important that you are able to support yourself without struggle or worry.

Here’s how.


If you’re feeling crafty, you can attempt to make your own makeup products. Take lipstick, for example; you can mix your own things you have lying around the house. Whether you have a few colours that you’d like to mix together, or a shade of eyeshadow that you’d love to turn into a lipstick – it can be done, its all about trial and error. Scrape out the eyeshadow you’d like to use into a small container or bowl, now add a small blob of vaseline or cream like cocoa butter, and mix together into a paste. Then take a brush or your finger and apply it to your lips as desired. Et voila!

Keep it clean

One very important thing that tends to get overlooked is cleaning your brushes! The amount of bacteria that builds up on your makeup brushes is crazy, and will eventually cause spots, as well as not giving you the look it should, because the product won’t apply properly to your skin. Rather than spending money on buying new applicators every month – invest in a good cleaning product instead and have a weekly scrub to keep everything looking brand new – and leave your skin in the best condition

Ask for help

If you have taken your buying to the extreme and are now having quite a few money problems, it may be time to ask for a bit of help. If you have some generous family members, you may be able to borrow some money from them and pay them back when you can afford to. But if this isn’t an option for you, then you may want to look at online personal loans so you have exactly what you need then and there. Always make sure to think about your options before taking out a loan though, and look at the interest rates that they are asking for.

Get sponsored

If you’re a beauty blogger, then you’ll definitely be active on social media, like Instagram for example. If you have a very large following, you will sooner or later be approached by makeup brands that will either pay you for promoting their products, send you their products for free, or both! This is great because it works as an ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ system. If you’re still starting out though, you may not have enough influence to draw enough attention to big named brands, in which case you need to boost your audience up.

Why not give these a go of beauty blogging is something you’re interested in!

Speak soon,

Lotsa love

AG xxo

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